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Whelping date: 12/19/21

Color: Red & White Tri   Coat: Medium

Health testing: Clear on full DNA panel    

Hips: Pending

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HML BUGSY ABCA # 520779 (whelped 12/19/21) is a tri red/white medium coated female. Bugsy is the granddaughter of Rhett and Gwyn through her mother and the granddaughter of Rose Red through her father. She is also the great granddaughter of Scarlett and Badger.

Bugsy inherited her personality and drive from her grandmother, Rose Red. Like Rose, she is full of energy and fun, always looking for something new to explore. She is very high drive but listens well to commands and can be patient when she needs to be. Due to her age, she has not been trained as a herding dog yet but shows interest in our cows and goats.

She is very bold, with no fear of strangers and a love of cats. She also gets along well with children, chickens, and other dogs.

My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog thinks I am.


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