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Registrations: 520776

Whelping date:12/19/21

Color: Merle Tri   Coat: Medium

Health testing: Clear on full DNA panel     Hips: Pending

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HML MAGPIE-LARK ABCA #520776 (whelped 12/19/21) is a tri merle medium coated female. Maggie is the granddaughter of Rhett and Gwyn through her mother and the granddaughter of Rose Red through her father. She is also the great granddaughter of Scarlett and Badger.

Maggie takes after her grandfather Rhett in both personality and drive. She is a sweet, calm dog who loves to snuggle on the coach or quietly follow her family around the house. Though she is calm, she has no fear of strangers and is very friendly with cats, children, and other dogs. She has not officially begun herding training but is very interested in goats and cattle.

Her favorite past-time is chicken watching. She has no interest in chasing or biting them but will spend hours quietly sitting outside the chicken coop to observe them.

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them.

Thom Jones

HML Magpie-Lark - ABC Registration 520776 - DOB 12.19.jpg
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