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Registrations: 476720

Whelping date: 04/11/19

Color: Black & White TRI   Coat: Medium

Health testing: Both parents clear on full DNA panel    Hips: Good

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MFR MOZART ABCA #476720 (whelped 4/11/19) is a tri color black/white medium coated male. Mozart is clear for CEA, MDR1, DM, TNS and has good hips. Mozart is a son of Rhett, a great grandson of B-C MacDuff, and great grandson of B-C Nick... all males owned by Joan and Lynn. His mother is GR Tess, the daughter of B-C Skookum.

Mozart is a sweet dog who inherited his mother's high drive and his father's patience. He has been worked
on both on sheep and cattle and shows a great enthusiasm for herding. He is very bold and has no fear of strangers. He enjoys playing fetch and gets along great with our other dogs, cats, and chickens. Occasionally, Mozart can be the 'fun-police', breaking up the younger dogs when their playing becomes too rough or loud.

When we first bought Mozart, he was intended to be a family pet as we did not own any livestock. After we purchased the ranch from my parents, we immediately sent him to Juliet Flynn-Christensen for training. Though he started herding training later in life, he enjoys the work and is picking up things quickly.

Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

Roger Caras

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