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Our ranch is just getting started, when our produce becomes available in the future, this page will have more information.


Mini Hereford Beef

Our mini cattle provide more choice cuts of beef due to their smaller frame. We offer organic, veteran owned, grass-fed beef packaged for local consumers and hip campers.


Sustainable Agriculture

Mission Falls Ranch produces a range of crops from traditional garden veggies, flowers, and even mushrooms!


In addition to meat & veggies, we also produce unique products such as wine, candy, and other items. We love to experiment with new ideas!


Fresh Eggs

We raise chickens, ducks, and turkeys for their eggs. All of our birds are free-range and live on a diet of chicken feed, mealworms, seeds, and whatever they can find in the garden!

Chicken & Turkey Eggs: $4.00/dozen

Duck Eggs: $3.00/half-dozen

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We are experimenting with goat meat as a tasty alternative to sheep and beef in a variety of recipes from jerky to roasts.

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