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Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

Border collies are rated as the most intelligent dog breed and they are extremely high energy. Though not all border collies end up working or training, they do need lots of space to run, play, and use their instincts. A bored border collie is an unhappy, and often destructive, border collie. As breeders, it is our responsibility to make sure that not only are our puppies going to loving homes, they are going to homes that will meet their needs. This questionnaire is designed to give us a thorough understanding of your family’s lifestyle and how it may impact your puppy.


Purchasing a puppy should never be done on a whim or done for superficial interests such as color or shape. Puppy owners need to be prepared to meet all financial, health, and lifestyle requirements for the dog breed they bring home. Please complete the questionnaire with as much detail as you can.  Any questions left unanswered will not automatically disqualify but will hinder our ability as a breeder to match the best puppy to your situation.

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